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  • Thanks for the response. And a big shout out to everyone at Sparkfun! Thanks again for the sale. And I’m glad you were able to fix the backorder bug. Keep up the great work. I very much enjoy the site and what Sparkfun has to offer!

  • Thanks for fixing the backorder issue. I’m glad Sparkfun came through for us! Due to lack of stock and this backorder bug, all of my items in my order are backordered. Any chance you can give me a time line on how long I should expect to wait for the backorder to be filled?

  • Ditto. I don’t have much luck either. I’m hoping that sparkfun is reading these comments. I will still order if I can get backorder. I don’t mind waiting. If not I may not order. I wanted to get 2 red boards and 2 pros but they are sold out. I tried to order 2 mins into the sale and everything was already in my cart. I even set an alarm to wake up to place the order.

  • Same happened to me as well. Hopefully this gets sorted out.

  • Thanks. I would also like to +1 for making this part normal stock.

  • Is there a footprint with the proper pin out for this part in the eagle parts lib? If not, can we get one?

  • Do i need to ground unused pins? Currently I am only using Vcc, Tx, RX, and Gnd. I am planning on making a pcb with this part.

  • where can I find a users guide for this module?

  • Does this Xbee support simultaneous TX and RX?

  • what info do you have on the fuse that is used on the vbus? i cant find it anywhere

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