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  • You should consider using interposing relays driven by a latching e-stop for the power distribution for the hazards if you ever make a rev 2. This way hitting the e-stop cuts power to the hazards in the event of an emergency or controller failure.

  • I actually had one in my hand when I was writing that post. It would be nice to have something sourced in the country though. I am aware that the chip might come from overseas, but sometimes the production quality of stuff from eBay (China) is not up to snuff or does not work at all.

  • I would like to see an option with the FTDI on board. I was excited when I saw the USB connector, but then disappointed when I looked at the schematic.

  • My comment was geared towards the esp-03, which is actually a surface mount package with all the pins broken out. Unfortunatly the pitch is not 2.54mm (0.1"), but is 2mm instead.

    As for the doubled up headers, I have breakout boards for these. iy would be nice to have access to more of the I/O, especially if programming this standalone.

  • Will you carry any of the other common packages (or possibly roll your own with breadboard-friendly pin spacing)? This would be great for IoT considering the ability to leverage the module without an external MCU. Unfortunately I've gotten a couple ESP-03s from ebay and they were lemons.

  • A nice, simple board. Some other breadboards are too tight, others too loose, but this one is just right. Do you think that you guys could possibly supply similar rubber standoffs? I think it needs just a little more support (like one in the middle). I will use something else for the time being.

  • Datasheet please?

  • I remember working with a PLC guy to map registers from the PLC over to our DCS (using a serial comm). On our end it took a couple seconds to locate the placeholders for the registers, while it took minutes to find each register in the ladder logic. It was fairly nightmarish.

  • Could we get a picture of them in the dark, lit up (same for the other colors as well)? thanks

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