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  • Hoping someone from Sparkfun tech support can help me with this.

    Bought the BC-127 breakout module a few weeks ago. Soldered on some header pins, and after some struggles with the FTDI connection (wish I had spotted these comments sooner!) was able to get it configured.

    I'm getting an issue though with a roughly 800hz hum over the audio channel, which I've determined is originating from the BC127 module. When everything is hooked up, but no audio is playing, there's no hum. When I begin playback though, the hum is overlayed on the output audio coming from the BC127. Pausing playback on the BT connected phone results in the audio stopping, but the hum continuing for several seconds, followed by a loud pop, and then the hum stopping.

    It seems to me that it's an issue internal to the BC127 or breakout board. Is this a defective board? Or is there some way I can remove this hum without affecting the audio quality? I've confirmed that it's not a result of a ground loop, and tried adding some filtering to the audio output, but can't remove the hum without cutting out audible range frequencies on the output. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • This is obviously quite late, but figured I would respond for the benefit of anyone finding this later.

    You can configure the module to output in mono by adjusting the codec setting. The default codec setting is 0 0 1, with the third digit representing stereo/mono output. If you set that last integer to be zero, then the module will output in mono over the left channel output.

  • Any word on when this will ship? I thought when I ordered it was held up only because of the Raspberry Pi 3, but it looks now like it's waiting on the book to ship? Any word on when that will arrive in stock?

  • And just to be clear, I've tried any number of "Newline", "No line ending", etc. for the serial monitor before entering the commands, but it hasn't made a difference.

  • Has anyone else had difficulties closing a connection once it's established? I've paired my BTMate Silver with my home PC through the built-in BT module on my mother board, and used hyperterminal to send messages back and forth: very cool! However once it's paired, it seems like the code above (modified for arduino 1.01) just transmits the "$$$" and "K," commands to my PC, instead of interpreting them as command codes for the BTMate. Is anyone else having this problem, or has anyone figured out how to get around it?

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