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  • News - Fluke, we love you but yo… | last month

    I like Fluke products, well built and great for the labs I work at, and we buy a lot every year. So FLUKE if you can read this, if you don’t solve this problem, I would never buy a fluke product and I will make sure no one at my university buys a fluke product ever again, I will post on all blogs, I will make sure no one buys your stuff, there are better DMMs from Japan!

    And please grow up, you’re a big company and you act like a 2 year old child, why don’t you go and trademark white (cause of the notations of selector), red and black for the leads and all other colors in case you use it on your website! after you’re done registering the trademarks, go play with your barbies!

  • News - According to Pete: August… | about 9 months ago

    Hey Pete, I’m an Aero student, I’ve used GPS (the EMA-406) on my aircrafts and gotta say it sucks when you want to use the altitude data, however you are using the BMP085 sensor, so beside pressure you can get exact altitude from it. To get climb rate, I used the time from GPS and Altitude from BMP and voila!

  • News - July Caption Contest | about 10 months ago

    There’s a paper beside the door that says Focus Here in big letter! it’s an Eye Strain Test, If you can’t read it, then you need to use this big soldering iron.

  • Product WRL-09411 | about 2 years ago

    I want to get a live camera feedback, maybe the cmos ones Sparkfun offers! does anyone know how I can do that?

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