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  • I'm new to Eagle. On the www i found a XMega100_BOB-v11.sch and .brd of this BOB, but there doesn't seem to be a library. I tried just to insert this .sch file to my own schema: "The light edition of EAGLE can't perform the requested action! There not enough sheets.' Is there a way around? Is there a library around including this BOB? or other way to convert the schema to a lbr? I tried exp-project-lbr.ulp but htat only exports the xmega processor, which is already in the sparkfun lbr

  • Did anyone get this working on a ChipKit Max32? I face problems, mainly the SPI is on pins that are not chained to the shield SS = 53; // PIC32 SS2A MOSI = 51; // PIC32 SDO2A MISO = 50; // PIC32 SDI2A SCK = 52; // PIC32 SCK2A I tried to change them to 10,11,12,13 but no success

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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