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  • The link to Science Journal is broken. Thanks!

  • What's the reason for the resistors to be standing up? There us surely room for them to be flat. Is there an advantage for them to he standing up?

  • So to answer my own question, the problem was that I was using the 3.3V FTDI instead of the 5V one. Once I hooked up the display to 5V, I got good contrast.

  • I'm having trouble with contrast on mine. The only way for me to have anything displayed is for the trimpot to be turned all the way one direction, and it still isn't very bright/contrasty. It seems like the pot should be somewhere in the middleish and turning it too far should make the display just show boxes, but mine won't do that.

  • On mine the switch popped right off. Maybe some glue under the two plastic pins that go through the board would help.

  • To answer my own question, the pins have to be removed to close the case back up.

  • I'm a little confused about adding headers for the FTDI. I'm thinking all you need are 6 pins worth from a breakaway header. Is that right? If you just solder them in, would the case still be able to screw together or would you have to remove them after reprograming to close it all back up?