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    Do you really need diffraction-limited tracking all night long? Or do you just need the target to stay in the eyepiece for 20 minutes at a star party? Lower-performance designs may be adequate. Jim’s Mobile sells a “Track-N-Train” rig that doesn’t do any math; you just visually dial in the speed the two motors need to turn to track a given target (approximately). That’s so primitive there’s no gee-whiz to it, but it serves a purpose. Personally I would like to crack open a Celestron NexStar mount, and use those electronics to control a much larger telescope.

  • News - According to Pete - July … | about 2 years ago

    Haha! I cut out wooden pieces to build a Poncet platform in 1983 - but I had no clue how to join them together, nor did I have a motor drive design, so that was the end of that. The true Poncet design bears the weight on slides moving across an angled board, and it works best above 45 degrees latitude. For lower latitudes, the weight rides on the edge of a segment of a large disk, which is actually a truncated horseshoe mount.

    Either way, the result accomplished is true equatorial motion, so there is no image rotation.

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    Please introduce us to the German Shepherd at 5:15!

  • Tutorial - Processor Interrupts with Arduino | about 2 years ago

    I don’t know what to do with a Schottky diode because I’m a mechanical engineer, LOL.
    But for debouncing, I’ve had success by adding a Schmidt trigger to an RC circuit.

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