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  • I've done this, not a problem. I would cut the traces at the connector end and at the RESISTOR end, but not between the resistor and the gate. I've bridged wire wrap wire from the Arduino connector to the resistor and to the Gate pin on the FET as well with success. Just don't forget which pins control which FET. Good luck!

  • To the question about having +12vdc on all outputs. Instead of placing the ATX power supply connector, I ordered hard disk power cable connectors. I cut the +5vdc wire, leaving the pin in place for stability, added a wire to the +12vdc pin on the connector. The other end of the +12vdc wires I soldered to the driver board, on the +5v and +12v dc holes. I still utilized the enable switch for the ATX supply, convenient. Works great. Might want to change the +5vdc LED to Yellow.

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