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  • My guess is that he doesn't talk about the torque of the motor since it is a motor spec, but the torque that is transferred to the ground (i.e. the wheels grip the ground better because of skid detection?). Just a thought.

  • The BBB is better, cheaper, and unavailable! ;-)

  • (1) The AT firmware is used to be human readable and not for performance. Once you have debugged your communication, you need to update the firmware to API. (2) For better performance, the XBee in your plane needs to be configured as an end point.

  • Sample receiver (with manual) found here Spektrum, JR, and a few others. 2 chan receiver prices is around $50 For info

  • I bought the thumper combo pack, but am new with RC transmitter/receiver. Where I leave I can only find equipment for RC plane/heli. A 6-chan transmitter is somewhat pricey. Although I don't mind the additional channels, I just want to make sure I will be able to interface correctly with the motor controller. Unfortunately I cannot find any info on the receivers only (pin, protocol, etc).

    That is for people like me it would be useful to have a pointer as far as the RC equipment that was used.

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