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  • I can't say for certain, But I've run ~30A through one before and it didn't burst into flames. (note I ran it through the 2 end plugs cause I was worried). They're really not intended for current applications though. More for quick connect/disconnects for sensors and whatnot

  • SO I wonder, are we ever going to see a version of this with RGB LEDs installed? For example, make a temp gague or something, and as it heats up colors shift from blue to green to yellow to red to flashing or other silly things like that.

  • So... I could use this as a much simpler way, to do what I've already done. (made my airsoft guns all have a circuit inside them that only allows them to fire while a certain resistance (within a tolerance) connection is added to the circuit (by 2 contacts on the handle or stock, and a resistor sewn into my gloves) so noone can steal my stuff. Hmm making it fancy and slightly more advanced sounds like fun now.

  • Hmm im wondering, how would a trace made by this react to getting painted over?? Contemplating a costume project that would be a bit easier if there was less wiring, and since a lot of the wiring will probably need to be on the outer surface (its a suit of armor kinda thing) It'd be nice if you could do all the traces, make sure everything works, then paint over (I can varnish over it first too, then put the paint)

    hmmmm, water based :(

  • It might be good to update the little paper cover you get on this thing to say that theres only 1 10K trimpot, I had remembered it only saying theres 1 in it on the site here (which I only got one, have about 50 form a previous order though). but the cover of the case specifys 2. might bring someone down a bit when they get one of these with their first ardino and then they think that they got shafted on a couple parts. Also, Could probably put a few more LEDs in here and throw in 1 shift register, that so vastly expand what one could do with this at very little cost. And would give people who get it more reason to look into picking up a hobby uController to learn more. (It was a 74HC that a friend had in a project of his that got me started into this world)

  • Dudes, no offence, you really need to start getting these in more supply. Been waiting on these for a project @ work since mid March. And I'd personally figure these are a fairly standard part you guys should have large quantities of in stock.

  • If one were to mount one of these to an uno's proto shield, I could get the gnd and 5v off the uno, how could I connect it to the uno's crystal. I'm plotting to make a rig that requires more ports then a single uno has but not enough to warrant a mega. And I was planning on just mounting one of these to a shield, having it recieve data from the blob of rotary encoders that will be involved as sensors, then sending that data over Tx/Rx to the uno below which would be doign the math with the encoder's data and driving some motors.

  • Hey there sparkfun. TY for these things, they're great and all, but I was wondering if you guys might come out with a line of them that are about 4"x 3" (maybe 4x2) with straight corner holes. No offence, but the offset center holes on the side, and the single hole towards the end kinda get in the way of some projects. Also like many others have said here, having the double sided tracing really makes it a hassle having to flip the thing over and recut every trace (backwards this time) to get it right, (I've actually found running my sander over this for a few mins taking all of 1 side off is better int eh long run). I don't mind cuttign the traces, no prob there. But like another mentioned, a horizontally traced breadboard-esque version (with space in the center for DIP Chips) would be pretty nifty IMO (and would be a big help on my next few projects.) Well I'm just saying, you know, something to think about.

  • Hey if I wanted, could you set up 2 of these registers in parallel so that 2 of them receive the exact same info simultaneously?

  • wow ty for the explination dude, now i think i can make an LED project I'm working on run on an uno instead of having to get a mega for it. Good thing these are only a $1.50. One thing I wonder though, if you had say 8 of these daisy chained (thats what 64 outputs) would that start getting towards the edge of an uno's power output just running the cheap leds (not the really bright ones)?