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  • You can take a look at the spec. sheets to get a good comparison, but the main difference between the LM358 and LMV358 is the supply voltage. The LMV358 has a maximum Vss of 5.5V where as the LM358 can handle up to 32V. These are both general purpose low-power op amps, good for battery operated devices. Note that as low-power op amps they both have relatively slow slew rates (0.7V/us and 1V/us), meaning at higher frequencies the output becomes a triangle wave with decreasing voltage as the frequency increases. Check the spec sheets for frequency response info. Contrary to an earlier post I would not rate either as audio quality op amps as low slew rates result in distortion. EDIT: I have no experience with the LMV358, but from the spec sheet it has "performance specifications meeting or exceeding the LM358". They are probably close enough to be considered substitutes for each other.