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  • Hi Joezawaki,

    I start writing some TSIP C code to extract raw carrier phase data from an Trimble iQlassen receiver. My code will be released under GPL for GNU/Linux, as soon as i have it running right.

    I know, Trimble Copernicus is raw carrier phase capable too.

    I am not sure if the enalbe raw data are disabled in iQlassen firmware. As you have an Copernicus, i wonder if you have tested this feature.

    Have you done this ?

    thx very much,

    julio menezes

    PS: thx for share your breakout PCB. I set 0x35 message byte3 bit0 to 1, enable raw. i am talking and decoding several messages, all ok but no 0x55 raw data appears.

  • Dear All

    My iQLassen is working. 1- powered thru barel connector +5V center pin 2- NMEA use port 2 at 4800,N,8,1 pin2=Tx pin3=Rx 3- TSIP use port 1 at 9600,ODD,8,1 important ODD, pin2=Tx pin3=Rx

    My problem now: I am trying to get raw measurmentes ( carier phase,… ) I set ID=0x35 packet byte 3, bit0 to 1, enable raw. I sent (byte0=0x03,byte1=0x03,byte2=0x00,byte3=0x01), TSIP=

    the receiver should return 0x55 packet but it did not.

    1- Does anyone has successfully get raw measurements from iQlassen or Copernicus ? 2- could the 0x35 be turned off ( firmware ) ?


    julio menezes PS: I am developping under GPL.

  • Hi all.

    I have attached an iQlassen ( with a required piece of tape for isolation ) an 3v3 active antenna. The board powered from USB.

    I am getting absolutly nothing from the receiver.

    a) from a USB used to power on. b) from COM1 with pin-pin and cross serial cable.

    i tried: minicom under GNU/Linux Trimble monitor under Windows XP hyperterminal

    any advice are well come.

    thx best regards, julio menezes

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