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  • Any word on thermal handling? What's ambient idle temp? How hard can it go without fan cooling?

  • I'm not sure what the fascination with video is these days is. These are great, but 23 minutes of video ~= 5 minutes of reading.

  • I'll echo the half hole sucks sentiment. As if the 2mm spacing weren't grief enough, at least that is a valid standard.

  • Getting really frustrated with this unit. The plastic threads on the collar really don't seem to grip well. Even a light pressure will cause the tip to pop loose. This only happens of course, when you're using it, so you have to wait to cool back down to fix it.

  • Trying to figure out the bandwidth - if I read the datasheet correctly, at a 10khz load, doubling the worst case rise/fall time should be about 5khz, or 15khz with a 1k load?

  • The loader appears to be proprietary, and I've had trouble getting it working under Ubuntu. (Not to mention the creepiness of downloading binaries blindly from uncontrolled sources.)

  • The cat was not so lucky...

  • The docs say "the Wixel will draw approximately 30 mA at all times". I'm sure how you work the radio has a huge impact on current draw. Any description on how that 30mA is calculated?

  • Cool - I got this three phase 480VAC power on a USB plug board I'm working on...should be the bomb. Seriously though - if you're going to have to make what it plugs into, why not at least pick some kinda general purpose form factor like SIP?

  • I didn't see it in the earlier comments, so.. to be pedantic:

    E2 (note name - the low E string, not a chord voicing) is actually 82.41 Hz (110 * 2^(-5/12)). Not that being able to reproduce the fundamental overtones accurately has ever stopped anyone from building any musical instrument/amplifier, electronic or acoustic.

    If you want to limit external sources - you could always try potting the sensor inside the cavity somewhere. Take one of your pickup cavities, Actually just potting the element into an epoxy blob with a screw hole so you can screw it down to the body would probably take it a long way towards getting a good mechanical coupling.

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