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  • The gamble of duty taxes... I don't mind paying taxes, but companies like Fedex charge something like 15-20 euros 'handling costs' on top of that, that is what makes it so expensive. Sparkfun should have a European office somewhere, charge us some VAT and "send it from an EU country". I know you have distributors here, but they have hardly all the stuff you have, especially the new breakout boards for example.

  • I used this shield with two 7-segments and two shift registers, it will just fit, but to connect all the wires to connect everything on the bottom side is quit tricky. You can see the shield in action in this project: an Olympic Medal Tracker

    Nice little shield, the open pad configuration is ideal, only downside is that the USB connector of the Arduino Uno gets in the way when inserting the board on top of it.