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  • I just received mine and I must say the modification is quite well done. It’s a nice tight little board and if it worked, I’d want one to retrofit the payphone we have in our kitchen. It’s already been modded to be a house phone rather than a payphone so the board as it stands would work fine.

    Unfortunately, the device doesn’t work with either my LG231 or my wife’s Samsung T404. On the LG, it did pair but presented itself as an ‘audio device’ and not a ‘handsfree’. As a consequence it would probably let you play music through it and that’s it. The Samsung won’t pair with it all and doesn’t even see it.

    When I received it, I followed the online instructions, opened the phone and connected the battery. The power switch was not on board as the instructions said, but rather has been relocated to the shell (quite nicely!). The phone did not give a short ring once the status light started blinking as the instructions said. I don’t know if they simply changed the firmware to not ring, or if this one is defective. Since I don’t have a phone it will pair with, I have no way of knowing.

    It’s a lovely device and I wish it worked for me, but I may end up sending it back. :(

    2012-11-18: I did end up having to send it back. It’s too bad these things don’t seem to work. I’m hopeful that tech support will figure out the problem and I’ll get a working one back.

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