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  • Would it be possible to use the adafruit battery backpack with this or is there a sparkfun equivalent?

  • Integrated athletic clothing that plays music when you exercise as well as collects data about your speed, location, elevation gained and more. People already exercise with an iPod for music and gps smart watch but this could be a much smaller and more efficient package.

  • Who needs electronics when you have a cape and a captive audience.

  • Sparkfun's smallest employees find nourishment and supplies for the upcoming NoCo Mini Maker Faire

  • Its going to take this much solder to make the Arduino for Atmels newest addition to the ATmega family.

  • Our autonomous vehicle may not be ready for the June 21st competition

  • Whoever invents the best gadget within the next 24 hours in this lab, gets a job at Sparkfun. Second place gets a mattress.

  • I am trying to use a 7 segment display with an ATtiny85. Does anyone have any experience doing so or see any possible problems with that?

  • You could use it to build a robotic hand kit. With a couple of servos and some 3D printed joints you could build fingers (I can design and print some for you). The sensor would then bend with the finger without fear of breaking the sensor. This would allow you to receive feedback to "feel" when your hand is closed around the object and you have a good grasp. It could be mounted on and used on a robot out of your line of sight, but still be usable because you would know when the hand was fully closed.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but it looks like there was an ATtiny85/ATtiny45 in the circuit. If so then you could drive the servos directly off of the ATtiny so you wouldn't need any other controllers.

  • Does anyone know how quickly information can be written to the microSD. I was hoping to write data points like "51,346,357,897" - these are comma separated values - every 25ms, but that may not be feasible?