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  • Maybe it is not the wires, as I checked the coil/phase resistance and they are all within spec so not likely the wires, maybe I will just have to use different settings on the potentiometers of the driver boards.

  • Hello,

    I am new to the Sparkfun site and this is my first post. I ended up buying 2 of these motors for a project that requires the control of 2 linear actuators like a 2 axis CNC project.

    I realized that running the 2 motors hooked up exactly the same way resulted in one motor drawing nearly 3 times the amount of current than the other and vibrates much more. They perform the same operation (code) and with the same BigEasyDriver with the potentiometer in the same position. Does anyone know why they could be different?

    I almost suspect that the wires on one of the stepper motors are different than what the datasheet specifics. I am only using the black, green, red, and blue wires. The yellow and white wires are unused.

    Thank You, Andrew

    PS Great prices and service Sparkfun, from the University of Colorado Boulder

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