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  • "We expect some of these to arrive next on Sep 24, 2014."

    Any update on this?

  • Darn it. Seems like a low cost/footprint thing to fix. I'd encourage doing that.

    Thanks for letting me know.

  • I really hope this board fixes the CC3000 SPI MISO bug, which prevents us from using the CC3000 from sharing the SPI with other devices (see the conversation at

    This sounds easy to fix. I'd like to use the CC3000 with an SPI based display. Can't do it with Adafruit's implementation.

  • Please consider carrying the bezels for these in stock.

  • If you are having problems programming this device with X-CTU, I found this at

    Note: If you bought your Xbee modules from Sparkfun, rather than the official DIY Drones kit, please note that they sometimes ship with the wrong firmware. X-CTU may try to download new code, which will probably fail (cancel it). If your Xbee module is reporting that it's an XBP09-DM (rather than the correct XBP09-DP), do the following:

    If you have the XBP09-DP modules, you must download XBP09-DP firmware. If you have downloaded XBP09-DM firmware, it will kind-of work, but will fail at the PID-config screen. X-CTU will report the module as XBP09-DM. Ignore that. Go to the Modem Configuration tab and do the following: Select Modem as XBP09-DP, Function Set XBEE-PRO 900, Version 1002. It is important that you select 1002. Version 1061 does not work at first. Click the Show Defaults button under the Parameter View. Click the Write button under "Modem Parameters and Firmware". Go back to PC Settings, change Baud to 9600. Click Query. It will show XBP09-DM. Ignore that. Go back to Modem Configuration. Click Read. It should show XBP09-DP as the modem. Version 1002. Now select Version 1061. Click "Show Defaults" Click on the DD parameter and set it to 0. This step is important, otherwise the 1161 firmware download will fail. Click "Write". Now your firmware is XBP09-DP Version 1161. Now change the baud rate and Modem VID, redownload and you should be good to go. It will still show XBP09-DM in the PC Settings Query. Don't worry about that.

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