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  • When importing an image into the copper layer, I like to draw the images on the keepout layer inversely, so that the image is created from a copper pour and I can get fine resolution without causing a lot minimum line width errors. See:


  • Thanks for taking the time to check. I may move forward with the project anyways, and not worry about being able to selectively erase. I can find all sorts of mention of de-illuminating with IR light, but I have yet to find a material that demonstrates that effect. Oh well!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUteUH7mz0A

    Any chance you can try discharging a lit panel via IR light? I've had a project in mind that needs to be able to selectively erase as well and the paints I've tested so far have not worked; my understanding is only some of the chemicals used to create glow-in-the-dark paints can be de-illuminated with IR light.

  • Sort of; right layout, wrong actuator. Something tells me that flimsy toggle isn't going to put up with being stomped on!

  • The documentation indicates it is not isolated, and relies on the switched voltage being +12V to work. Not only would the LED not work, but the switch probably isn't suitable for 120vac either; that said, there is no provided datasheet to look up specifics.

  • Great selection on the stomp switch. Those are really hard parts to source for stompbox designs, I usually have to source them from somewhere like small bear electronics. That's a great store, but now I can get them with my somewhat-regular Sparkfun orders!

    I'm not sure how easy it is to source, but 3PDT switches are also popular with stompbox builders and would be another nice addition to your stock list.

  • It's been amazing watching the Arduino take off and gain lots of momentum, but I can't get over how the headers aren't on a .1" grid. I don't know why, but that peculiar choice drives me bonkers.

  • Nate: I am not a lawyer, but I believe it means that we can still sell stuff (like a mini computer kit) in the computer hardware arena. But if we try to trademark 'SparkFun Computers'(TM), then we break the coexistence agreement and SPARC has the right to send lawyers after us. The whole idea is pretty far out there in the universe of possibilities, but SPARC is being (and arguably must be) proactive in protecting their trademark.
    Pretty far out there, like Apple Computers selling music :)

  • I wonder what portion of that 53.62% are Sparkfun employees F5-ing the site for whatever reason.

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