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  • Hi

    I have just received this board, and the stock software is not optimal for my use as i only need the gyro x and acc x output. So I have tried to use the firmware code which is available at this site but it does not compile in the arduino environment. So I have tried the ARHS code instead as it is .pde, but what is the main file?? and does this code work as it is??


    Petar Durdevic

  • How would this board behave for a balancing robot application?? And how is its noise sensivity towards motor vibration??



  • As this board obviously cannot be configured, like the 9 Degrees of Freedom - Razor IMU - AHRS compatible, what is its bandwidth??

    I can see in the datasheet that the bandwidth of the gyro is max 256 Hz, is it than running full speed?


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