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  • Exactly why I skipped it...last time I did this it was sent FedEx Smart Post which takes over a week to travel across the US.

  • Sorry for the delay, here is a drawing of a Weller tip - https://i.imgur.com/C1hB9U7.png It looks like it would work if the body was turned down on the back, that is required to fit into the Weller pen. I also don't know how close the internal hole needs to be but all of mine are around .115/.120 and I can't really measure the part in the pen. I do have one tip that has a hole in the ring section that intersects the internal hole but also have a few others that don't so I don't thing it's needed.

  • Can you provide the dimensions for these tips? I would like to know if they will fit the WES51 like the other user.

  • Why are the PyBoards not supported in Windows 10? I checked on MicroPython.org and didn't see any mention of a specific version of Windows.

  • Y'all got any of them Pi Zeros?

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