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  • I know Putty I use it also on PC and Linux. I’m using (as a test, since I will develop a Java app) using just $ cat < /dev/ttyUSB0. Works perfect.

  • Did you use an app on the Pi to send/receive data from another XBee? On PC I use Digi’s XCTU.

  • Hi Jimb0, I also plugged the XBee Explore Dongle in one of the USB ports of my Raspberry Pi. When ssh into the RPi and performing an sudo lsusb I see the device “Future Technology Devices International, Ltd FT232 USB-Serial (UART) IC”, so the RPi finds the dongle. Did you test (e.g. incoming data from another XBee) something else? Thanks.

  • Hi,

    Has anyone an idea how long (approximately) (is it hours, weeks, months, a year, …) a Lithium Polymer Battery (3.7V - 2000mAh) can last (without recharging) using with an Arduino Fio with an XBee?

    Thanks. Guy

  • Using X-CTU software I can access/update the settings of the XBee module. However when using terminal emulator (the build-in of X-CTU or TeraTerm) doesn’t work: can’t access the XBee. What can be the reason of this problem? Thanks.

  • Does this module works (out-of-the-box = without making any hardware-modifications on the board, …) with an Arduino Fio? How can this module programmatically (library, …) be used Thanks.

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