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  • We purchased this unit for use in a robotic rover, but at present we cannot effectively connect to it. Here is what we’ve tried so far: 3.3 V and ground connected to the appropriate pins, and an SMA antenna is attached. RX0 connected to pin 3, TX0 to pin 2, and common ground connected to pin 5 of a serial cable plug. Connecting the power causes the red led to light continuously, and then blink at ~ 1 Hz after a brief period - everything looking good so far. However, when connected to a computer, we are unable to get readable data. Using either a serial cable or serial-to-USB adapter under windows or ubuntu with either the provided GPS viewer or serial connection software, we get the same result: the device outputs repeated, random characters. It is clearly device output, as it is not present when the device is off and starts when the device is turned on, but it does not become human-readable at any baudrate. The provided GPS viewer shows the gibberish characters, and using the “scan ports” “scan baud” or “scan all” functions report that there is no skytraq gps connected.

    There is exactly one setup that has been able to provide good output: connecting via the serial monitor on an attached arduino uno, as described in the tutorial link at the bottom of this product page. This outputs relatively accurate lat and long data. This is, however, not a practical setup for our project, and it seems to indicate that the data is fine, but there is just a serial connection setting that is incorrect. The arduino sketch connects via the softwareSerial library at a baudrate of 9600. Using that speed when connecting by other means produces only gibberish. Any input on what setting we are missing or other insight into the problem would be greatly appreciated.

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