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  • J1 (see your product photo) is not described anywhere.

  • So, this only appends the data to a csv file, but there are no plots and no aggregations? This is very disappointing, as there is already a mature and open source solution: thingspeak.

    I personally use rrdtool for this kind of data.

  • the noise immunity of this circuit is laughable at best. hooking it to vcc/gnd of an avr and letting the avr switch ~50mA (led a led bargraph) will trigger the gate led. operation depenend on input voltage. this is another badly designed circuit.

  • You left D13 unused and attached LED13 to D14?

    Very, very idiotic.

    Attaching D13 to the LED would have the added benefit of having a solder point to use that otherwise unreachable pin. Not to mention that all arduino boards traditionally had the LED on D13.

  • Well... it's been more than two years and nothing changed about this badly designed module. As usual i will vote with my wallet and buy Adafruit or Pololu modules instead.

  • Just wanted to let you know that i opted for some stepsticks (instead of a quadstep) for my current project because there was no reaction to the problems i posted here, emphasising on the component / connector placement.

  • Don't buy it!

    TI decided to package the watch with a compiler that is limited to 2KB codesize (the watch has 8KB), so it's impossible to compile anything bigger than a simple helloworld.c

    Even David (EEEV Blog) is selling his because of this (idiotic!) limitation.

  • I would like some improvements for the next version:

    • component placement around chip makes it hard to add heat sinks
    • stepper output connectors not 0.1" (that sucked hard)
    • output connectors too close to each other
    • potis+leds too close to connector pinout
    • drop bus mode, control only by EN is pretty useless for eg. reprap
    • output leds should get an impulse lengthening circuit so you can see that a stepper is actually stepped even for certain step frequencies
    • barrel jack for a circuit that could potentially drain 8 amps?
    • jumper text should read "close for 3.3v" not "5v"
    • gnd-pins beside MS-pins so you can simply add jumpers to control microstepping

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