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  • Did anybody try to use SPI interface? I am using LSM9DS0_Simple.ino sketch. I commented out the following code,


    define LSM9DS0_XM 0x1D // Would be 0x1E if SDO_XM is LOW

    define LSM9DS0_G 0x6B // Would be 0x6A if SDO_G is LOW

    LSM9DS0 dof(MODE_I2C, LSM9DS0_G, LSM9DS0_XM); */

    And uncommented the follwoing code,

    define LSM9DS0_CSG 9 // CSG connected to Arduino pin 9

    define LSM9DS0_CSXM 10 // CSXM connected to Arduino pin 10


    It always returns 0 values. Do I need to do configuration on Edison? Any input is welcome!

  • I only found the library for the Sparkfun 9 DOF IMU breakout so I tried that, but it always reads the same value from this block. It turned out that the Arduino expander board is hard-coded to I2C6, while the Sparkfun board in on I2C1. However, both I2C6 and I2C1 are present on the breakout board.

    This issue is discussed here,


    I modified the hardware\intel\i686\variants\edison_fab_c\variant.h file and changed

    define LINUX_I2C_ADAPTER 6


    define LINUX_I2C_ADAPTER 1

    This solved the problem!

  • I got this block from SparkFun but didn't find any library for Arduino IDE.

    So I downloaded the arduino library for the following breakout. I compiled and uploaded LSM9DS0_Simple.ino to Edison and it read data back. The problem is the data doesn't change, always the same values. Any code change is needed? Any input is welcome, thanks a lot!

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