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Anthony Loeppert

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  • Squeeze a bit more out of the unit in SSP mode:

    Set the baud on the RN-42 to 921600 $$$ SU,92

    Set the interface rate on the micro-controller you're using to 921600 as well and connect rts-o to a digital input and use this line to govern sends.

    Something like: { while (digital_rts_o == 1) { } // printf or putc here, though not a (long) loop // as you'll be bypassing the point of querying // the rts line and crash your BT stack. } I get 20KBytes/sec easily, 21KBytes/sec with (on the) desk distances.

    Before this, I would get around 12KB/sec.

    I did the above with an mbed 1768.

  • Thanks for the confirmation. Starting to dig into the ZRO...

  • Anyone else getting a lot of gyro drift with a board sitting still?

  • I was only using the queue functionality at the time. It also felt a little odd giving up so much control on such a resource constrained system.

  • It only costs you slightly more than half your RAM :) The library I mean. I just removed it from my project. A hefty price for a Queue! :)

  • I like the online compiler. I get sick of fiddling with tool chain issues. I guess I'm used to remote server development already from work.

    I think they're on to something here....

  • Hey, who bought all the boards?! - edit: already back in stock!

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