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  • They don't carry the old one anymore, but other places still do.

  • This looks very cool, but too expensive. I could buy a cell phone for less.

    and how does a cellphone compare to a LiDAR emitter? Apples and Oranges.

  • Good and bad with this thing... The good, it works.. The bad, it takes some slight header bending for it to fit even the sparkfun solderable protoboards (These: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/12070). The other issue seems to be that the schematic is definately out of date... it's missing one of the diodes that is on the board (That appears to be for reverse polarity on the output?)...

  • They can't use a crystal because they use the USB (both use pins 2 and 3).. So some of what i'd have used them for.. I can't due to the lack of crystal capability. (believe me.. you realize just how out of spec the internal oscillator/pll are, when you're trying to hit an exact output frequency, and it's far enough out of spec that what you're talking to, ignores you.

  • You'd think that... I'm working on a library for it.. and looking at 'some fruit''s code for ideas.. sending the packet structure is a pain in the behind.

  • Yeah, I confirmed that a little bit ago.. tis a shame, since that would be so much easier than this stupid jst cable i now have to buy (because I missed that I needed it, since they don't include cables ever).. I'm having to figure out more stuff to buy to justify the shipping for a $1.50 cable.

  • "thefug" wasn't asking if J1 was a JST connector, they were asking if the J1 pads connect to the same points as the JST connector does, thereby avoiding having to use the JST connection... My module just arrived. I'll tone it out and post my result later.

  • I tried to get 2 different ones of these at Microcenter today. -both- of were missing one of the momentary switches. Is someone in SparkFun's QA sleeping? I can understand one being a fluke...

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