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  • What what? the FreeSoC2 is sitting in my shopping cart right now? how'd that get there...

  • Uh... no one should buy the FreeSoC2 board on Monday because it's a terrible board and I totally don't have several awesome projects in mind for it. Uh... yeah... <.< >.>

  • The Christmas tree was probably a victim from a class, all of the components are soldered on the wrong side of the board with the wrong polarity. The ATTiny still looks good, as long as they didn't try to power it up.

  • Mine just arrived, here are some early notable items:

    A whole lot of TINY SMC parts on reel strips, looks like a bunch of LEDs, some resisters, transisters, maybe some capacitors.

    Green Arduino Mega Case

    Broken Clear RasPi case (looks like it was stepped on)

    IOIO OTG (haven't tested it yet)

    An LED Christmas Tree with a resister inserted but not soldered

    BMA180 Breakout

    7 segment shield

    Pro Micro with "KG" written on the back in sharpie

    MAX7456 Breakout

    Blackberry ball breakout

    A single Pololu wheel

    an opened bag of LM317AT adjustable regulators

    1 USB Cable

    various QFP chips including Atmel, PIC, chips

    Pololu md07a board

    AD9835 Breakout

    Pics coming soon.

  • And they're gone. 3 minutes.

  • Yoink!

  • This space is reserved for a future Video Tour of the new Sparkfun Headquarters, in the mean time enjoy this picture of Pete with a plane.

  • Ooo, this may be exactly what I've been looking for for controlling my galvanometer laser scanner with my Arduino. I may have to pick up a pair at some point.

  • Question: Is it possible to get these to emit a single spark at a time? Perhaps with a timing circuit or something? I'm thinking of trying to use one to record impulse responses for convolution reverb. Seems like this would be (only slightly) less scary than using something like a marx generator. Which also would be difficult to create a single spark with, and I'd have to worry about discharging caps.

  • Pitch meeting for the new Blockbuster film: Soldernado!! "We're gonna need a bigger Iron!"

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