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  • Does anyone know where one could find some wheels for these things? Thanks

  • Good job Sparkfun... Ive been waiting for this. The si4707 is tough to get a hold of unless one wamts to tear apart the Midland WR-120. Thanks.

  • You'd want to put it on the RAW pin. It takes up to 12VDC.

  • 5 months in the making.... the answer is yes, the carrier frequency, baud rate, frequency deviation are all programmable, as well as programable headers for different data packets. You could have several operating around each other all at once.

  • Check out my little Data Logger (using an RFM22B of course):

    Facebook: example

    YouTube example

  • The description of the pro mini on the arduino website -- http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardProMini-- states that an ATmega168 is used for the 3.3v version. Is this information incorrect? The image shown above indicates an ATmega328 is used, which matches the description of the product, but my concern is, if I order this pro mini, can I be guarnteed to recieve them with the 328? The application I intend to use them for requires the SRAM capacity of the 328. Thank you.

  • I'm using this 7-segment display with the 74HC595 and found that the pin-out for unit that I received matches neither the one in the datasheet nor the one provided above. I'm guessing it's up to each individual to determine the pin-out for each individual unit. Other than that, everything works great!

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