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  • Nice looking hardware. But the library?? Over 31 MB and 103 files. Whats up with that? I'm having issues getting it to compile on an Uno in the Arduino IDE, so I started following the library #includes. I was about 4 or 5 layers deep when I gave up for the night. This is nothing like the straight-forward easy-to-read Sparkfun libraries. What a mess!

  • I’ve got to say this is the best description and explanation I’ve seen on led matrices. Actually, this one of the best article I’ve read on Sparkfun period. The graphics really drive the points home. Nick must have spent some time on this. It’s also great timing for me as I just picked up a case of 12 64x64 1:32 matrix panels. Although I knew the basics, the discussion on BCM, planes, and buffers really gave me insight to the driver.

    Thanks Nick! - Tim

  • Is there any chance a hi-res version of the box artwork is available? I’m going to laser cut a plate that matches the box and I would like to use the box artwork. My box is pretty beat up. Gotta have that Sparkfun logo on my console,

    • Tim
  • Just checked now, it's still available.

    Get up to 200MB free monthly 4G LTE data for as long as you own your tablet!

    Purchase a data sim, I got mine from the T-Mobile site for $10 but they are available in retail stores. Go to the link below and select activate my sim for a tablet (important - this is the data only plans). You'll be offered the 200 mb plan for free. From the T-Mobile site:

    Do I have to be on a plan or a contract in order to get the free data? In order to get the 200 MB of free data per month, you need to activate a Mobile Internet account and register your tablet on our network. You don’t need to pay for an additional data plan.

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  • OHoilett: T-Mobile offers a FREE 200mb a month data only plan in the US for when you are just tinkering with your on-going projects. The 200mb per month is actually enough for my project, which is just sending out GPS coordinates every 10 minutes. No voice or SMS, just data. All I did was buy a $10 data sim from T-Mobile and when activating it the free plan was the 4th option on the 'How Much Data do you Need?' page. It really is free and as far as I can tell, doesn't expire unless you don't use it for a while (3 months?).

  • I'm not sure these are really 3V. The data sheet is somewhat vague, but it looks like 3V per group of 25. Therefore, I suspect these are really 12V. I say this because the Blue LED doesn't work properly at 3.5V, nor at 5V. I been afraid to try a higher voltage yet until I get a bit more info. Anyone else try these?

  • Yes. I swapped the RN-XV connector with this one. Works great.

  • Hmmm... so are you implying that because I think it's cumbersome that I must be a novice? What I was implying that after > 400Mb of disk space, 3.5 hours of installation, a third-party add-on manager for NI-VISA, and several trips to the web for FAQs and help, it's not what I would call a light-weight solution for many. It simply adds a front-end to an Arduino. Using simple applications like Arduino Manager, COSM, Exosite, or several other gives most hobbyists what they need. BTW, I'm certified by NI for Lab Windows/CVI, and have taken 2 of NI's classes for LabView.

  • Is this compatible with the RFM12?

  • Is it possible to update the Bootloader? Is therre a link to both old and new Bootloader?