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  • I'm new to the world of DC motors, I'm just curious, how would one attach a gear to this?

    The end result is a product that can open / shut an umbrella via a rotating hex nut. I figured a double gear in between, attaching it to the umbrella is easy enough, but I'm not sure about the gear attached to the motor.

    If I'm coming at this the wrong way, feel free to tell me that too.

  • Does not fit. Looks pretty but loose as heck. Go with the black or red knobs.
    /spoken with experience

  • Those set screws are pretty sneaky. Good because once they're on, they're basically invisible. Bad because initially trying to put them on, they're invisible ;)
    They work very well with the rotary encoder that's offered here. Much better than the other knob I purchased which fit very poorly, hindsight >= 20/20.
    The size of wrench I got to work was a H1.5, but I wasn't super scientific about it. Also when putting it onto the rotary encoder above, be mindful of the depth. If you put it on all the way, you don't get any room for the push button action. So go all the way & back it up 0.5mm (tiny) so you can use as a PB, or don't, I really don't care.

  • Hey, talk about good timing. I had the same exact issue 2 hours ago. It's more than likely programmer error. I proved that when I coded it for two registers & hooked it up to 2 & 3, rather than 1 & 2. That worked.
    The issue turned out to be using ints as the default. Changing to unsigned long (more than 2^24 bits) did the trick. This means all of the 1UL