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  • Is it really an 8-bit AVR microcontroller? It says that it's a 32-bit ARM, and searching for AVR in the datasheet returns no hits.

    Also, the link to the hookup guide leads to a 404 site.

  • That's awesome! Keep us updated. It would be extremly helpful for my planned led curtain.

  • Hey, an idea for these; How about talking to your nice friends that make the flexible PCB's, and ask them to make strips of flexible PCB, preferably single sided, which enables you to just solder on these leds to make long led strips, for a led curtain or something! This saves a lot of time etching several regular PCB's and cutting and stuff. The flexible PCB could then be sold in length units, and cut to the customers needs.

  • How about some further development of the muscle sensor kit with the flex PCB's? Like small bracelets or pads, with sensing components and sense pad integrated fully into a single flex board. And some form of wireless chip on, like the NRF2401A, and they all form some sort for small area network, with a master unit, like a smartphone or something. My idea is to have several of these on your body, and then connect them to an Iron Man suit (not included in the kit), and then save the world from badguys => profit!

  • I have three questions: - Just insecure about this from the description: do you feed it with a continous 5V, or do you pulse switch it in order to get sparks? - Would this light up the xenon flash tube from a disposable camera just with the SGI? - Is it relatively shock resistant? If you were to put on a small cross motorcycle for the ignition system? Thanks :)

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