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  • The kit looks pretty nice once assembled, but this took me WAY longer than it should have. The motor mounts were very difficult to install without having to dremel anything off. It seems the secret is to not attach the outer mount to the chassis, but put the top screw in through it and through the other mount (which you install first), but don't put the screw far enough to completely exit the inner motor mount. Then push/bend the outer mount until it latches into place-- still not easy. Kind of hard to describe -- wish I took pics.

    Also, with the default placement, it's pretty hard to get to your batteries.

    I haven't tried to power it up with a board yet, but for the chassis alone I don't regret my purchase, I just wouldn't buy it again. The time spent assembling it correctly could have been spent making a chassis from scratch.

    ** Update ** Hooked it up to an arduino + motorshield for a quick test. Even with a pretty heavy Tenergy RC car battery, it moved pretty well. The rear caster turned the chassis a bit when moving over the grout on tiled floors, though. I'm about to replace it with a caster from home depot to see if it works out better.

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