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  • I'm having serious issues getting this working with Arduino Due. I'm using the ICSP pins broken out on the board with the SS connected to D53 (made the appropriate change in the example sketch). When I run the sketch I get "45/25/165 18:85:85" with no incrementation. I have read the data sheet and tutorials, as well as trying the RTC library (doesn't work with the Due). I'm at a loss as to what I'm screwing up. Please help!

  • Just a note to Mac users. If you're currently running Lion you won't be able to use LabVIEW with an Arduino. NI has published updates that allow it to run fine in the 64 bit kernel, but you can't interface it with the Arduino. The setup requires some third party software (JKI VIPM) that hasn't been updated since the problem was acknowledged in November.

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