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  • That's an excellent example! Between myself and Paradoxial, we design most of our own boards ( www.pygmyos.com ). I've been doing this for over a decade and have found Sparkfun to be an excellent source for many breakout boards. Unless I want to build over a dozen, I'm not very likely to spend the time and money to re-invent the wheel if I can get it from SF. Sometimes the tiny savings up front just isn't worth the loss of time or the end cost.

  • In Sparkfun's defense, that isn't overpriced. I hear this complaint quite a bit and it's always from folks that have no electronics manufacturing experience. Well, I have quite a bit, and can tell you that at the rough quantities that item will sell, the price leaves a modest margin and that's it. These aren't toys produced with slave labor by the millions. It only seems fair for the folks making this product for you to make enough money to keep a roof over their heads and food on their tables. Sorry if this offends, but I'm really getting sick of the entitled whining.

  • ERP is much like concrete boots, if your goal is to sink to the bottom of the river, then by all means, pour a pair. Only I have been through the ERP implementation process. I have seen the short falls.

  • Wow. This seems strangely wrong somehow.

  • No kidding! We live in a world driven by technology, yet it is hardly touched upon by the education systems, especially for the younger ones. Events and projects contributing to education should be given much more consideration AND funding. Afterall, all of us here know that technology can be made fun!

  • Not generally, but LEDs have more "flavors" and are cheaper. I have used high intensity LEDs without amplification. Standard LEDs require a basic OP-AMP.

  • So true! LEDs make better light sensors on the cheap.

  • Oh, and anyone interested in getting in on development of the platform can e-mail at the address at the bottom of the page.

  • This is right up my alley. These are the applications I designed the PygmyWEB board for. It can be seen at: www.pygmy-os.com
    Sorry if the web-page is a bit sparse, I've had too much on my plate working full time and developing the OS and teset platforms like the PygmyWEB. Anyhow, very cool topic.

  • Wow! That video sets a new standard for "smartasness", which is a quality similar to the "magic smoke".

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