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  • Well, I have time thinking about getting started to the IoT, but the products I have seen seem too complicated to use. Photon is a good and well designed product to start, it has access to Particle Cloud and a extensive catalogue of shields. For example the Micro OLED Shield working as a "What's happening?" interface combined with the Photon Weather Shield makes possible a Internet weather condition logger.

  • What are the plans of Sparkfun about selling RC transmitters and receivers

  • Are these stainless?

  • Mmm..........................I still don't have connection with the world even if I'm owline.

  • First, BigTime watch, then Big Dome Push Button, Big Easy Driver, Sparkfun Flame tee-2x-Large. Now what, BigSolder Kit with conical tips.

  • "Wait, I don't have ears to listen LilyPad mp3, this deserves the extinction"

  • One of the purposes of the Flex Circuit is to save space and to be flexible, so what if we use the Flex Circuit in our hand making a "magic glove", that every finger has its own function, let's call them; thumb(1), index finger(2), middle finger(3), ring finger(4) and the baby finger(5), one of the possibilities I see is, maybe, use the fingers 1 and 5 as a headset, in which 1 has an earphone and 5 has a microphone, this connected to a MCU which is located in the palm or in the forearm that connects to a cellphone or via Bluetooth, another function in 2 is a LED or a laser point(making the magic glove part of the dairy life), and the functions continue, in 3 and 4 there are going to be attached sensors (temperature, pulse, barometric, humidity) and a display making it a multifunctional clock, or that the fingers were configurable if the customer want it. The functions can be activated by flex sensors or simply by switches. By this way The Flex Circuit can be useful using it in our hand, something that every day we use and the Flex Circuit in the “magic glove” will save space and will adapt to fingers movements.

    It’s just an idea

  • "The new SMD (Soldering Miniature Devices)"

  • Does this product have eagle file? or this is not OSHW.

  • Sparkfun flame + Christmas + Hallowen = ^

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