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  • The data sheet is almost use less!! Spark, did you bother to check what is needed to transmit the data path format for using it???

    Here (from another site) is a better description of HOW TO USE it

    "The data are sent in a sequence containing 24 of those bits — 8 bits for each color — followed by a low Reset pulse of at least 50µs. The channels are in the order Green, Red, Blue.

    The larger the value of a specific color is, the brighter it will be. If every color is set to 0, the LED will be off. If every color is set to max (255) the LED will be brightest white.

    Because the interface is so time-specific, you will need a real-time processor like an Arduino or Propeller to run the LEDs. Microprocessors like those on the Raspberry Pi or pcDuino can't give you a reliably-timed pulse; even if one bit is less than a microsecond off, that could mean the difference between purple and maroon."

    Same goes for the 5mm version, without the above, your just getting a very tiny doorknob!

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