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  • I’m going to guess you’re a bit of a youngster, Snobbotics, because you haven’t learned the importance of using what works, the tool you have in hand, and not letting the perfect be the enemy of the adequate. It’s called being resourceful. I interview guys like you all the time, but I don’t hire them if I have any other choice. Good, maybe even excellent at what they know, but elitist, and that makes them fragile.

    As a manager, if I know an inexpensive and accessible platform will get a job done and you propose something more powerful, but more expensive in dollars and time simply because you think the first option is beneath you, you’re going to have to work a lot harder to convince me to support you, while the practical guy is already down the hall at his desk working. I like him. He gets stuff done.

    Labview and Arduino are what they are, and don’t claim to be anything else. That is one of the best things you can say about a tool, or a person for that matter.

    Lastly, I came to Sparkfun to buy this bundle, and that fact alone makes offering it an excellent decision. That’s called running a business. You see how that works?

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