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  • Thanks, yes it worked immediately with the following code: https://github.com/qoda/Arduino/tree/master/WiFiSwitch. Can you ping the IP and do you see it as a connected device on your router? One other thing I noticed that now that I'm connected only the green led flashes when I'm connected, is this the case on your side?

  • Hi, I tried factory hardware and software resets but wasn't able to get anywhere, I sent mine shield back to the distributor eventually and they have sent me a new one that they've tested themselves. Looks like mine over-heated and was damaged from the start.

  • It worked again this morning for about 2 minutes. Seems it only responds once its been left for a while (overnight)... Could it be overheating?

  • And now it just hangs at:

    WiFly Shield Terminal Routine Bridge initialized successfully!

  • I've been having exactly the same issues as YusifNurizade above. I've tried your patch but get the following error, any idea?

    WiFly Shield Terminal Routine Bridge initialized successfully! þLED READY ERR WATCHDOGþ

  • I've been battling the entire weekend with the WiFly shield (Connected to a Arduino UNO). I know think I've exhausted all possible steps in debugging this issue. I have also tried this with all versions and some forks of the code and version 0022 and version 1.0 of the IDE.

    After uploading and running SpiUartTerminal.pde or the HardwareFactoryReset.pde, the serial monitor just hangs after outputting "Waiting for input:" and doesn't allow me to enter the command line application ($$$). I've tried unix screen, coolterm and the standard IDE serial monitor. I've also tested the pins to ensure everything is connected correctly (I finally soldered them to the header pins) and I'm sure it is.

    I would really appreciate some help if possible. I'm now suspecting that it is in fact a hardware issue.

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