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  • I have three of these now and with the brightness turned off (set to zero) all three of them run just fine and very reliably at 4.5 volts. (If the brightness isn't zero, two of them will not run at 4.5 volts.)

  • Just a quick comment: The 20x4 serial LCD works just fine with the $12.75 Arduino compatible A-Star 32U4 microprocessor.

  • If the 20x4 serial LCD gets into an unknown state so that you can't communicate with it, you can reset it to 9600 baud by sending <control>R immediately after simultaneously starting your program and powering the LCD. In an Arduino environment, do this:

    1. Create a serial port other than Tx. For example,

      SoftwareSerial lcd = SoftwareSerial(0,2);

    Then, 2.

    void setup() {
    lcd.begin(9600);  // Set the serial port to 9600 baud.
    lcd.write(18); // 18 decimal (12 hex) is the <control>R "character".
    delay(5000);  // (To give it plenty of time.)
    ... the rest of setup() ...
  • I bought this kit a month or so ago, and after I assembled it, the oscilloscope worked perfectly -- just as claimed. Then about a week later, I found out about the new model, the DSO 096 oscilloscope. But since I couldn't find anyone currently selling it in the US, I ordered it directly from JYE Tech in China. I had a lot of trepidation about ordering from China, but it was just fine. When a minor problem occurred with my order, JYE Tech straightened it out immediately, with absolutely no hassle. Also, I have received quick, courteous, and thoughtful answers to my questions. Based on their excellent customer service and the quality of their products, I would give JYE Tech my highest recommendation as a reliable and trustworthy company.

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