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  • Would it be possible to use these to receive DARC data? Moving the RDS center frequency to 76 kHz would probably be enough, but I dcan├Ąt find any info in the datashett about it...

  • Well, yes it is really confusing. But I see your point. If that is not the sign to indicate which is positive then there is nothing to indicate it. I'm hoping it's your not supposed to check the layout to know if you have made the schematic correct? Some sort of indication for the positive terminal would be nice.

  • Why would one ever need duct tape again?

  • Beware! This part is in the SFE Eagle library, but it's poles are switched! Luckily I could just put the connector on the other side of the PCB.

  • Indeed they are not. Could someone at Sparfun fix this?

  • I really enjoy reading bildr. I have been following it for some time now. Even though they mostly use Arduino even those not using Arduino will find much useful information and hints in the tutorials.

  • I don't get it. Am I supposed to make a solder joint on that tripad thingy? When I connect power, +5V to VCC and GND to common ground the LED doesn't light up, but when I test the LED with my instrument it lights up all nice and red.

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