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  • Does the button have a current-limiting resistor for the LED, or we need to provide one externally (and if so, how large)? Thanks!

    EDIT: yes, it has a 470 ohm resistor packaged next to the led, if you look closely enough. Kind of a shame, as if we had picked our own resistor, we could have sized down the supply voltage.

  • It requires a "latch" of 500us, so max is probably ~2kHz.

  • Just got this, seems to work great so far!

    I agree with the previous poster that the wiring is confusing:

    1. Each segment of the strand has 4 leads connecting each segment to the next.
    2. On the beginning of the strand is a 4-pin JST connector.
    3. There is ALSO a mysterious "power" 2-pin connector. What is the purpose of this? I can't see what it would provide, different from the +5V/GND on the 4-pin. I tested with a voltmeter, and indeed, they're the same. My plan is to leave this unconnected: what is its intent?
    4. The wiring colors are completely random. They certainly bear no connection to the comments in the source code (despite the suggestion to "see example code for termination explanation"). Best plan is to look at the strand: the wires are connected to the corresponding terminal on the strand.
    5. There is also a trailing connector at the end of the strand: I guess in principle this could be used to daisy-chain another strand? It appears to be fine to leave it open-circuited (or cut it off, or whatever), no "termination" required, right?

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