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  • New version of code for the USB Weather Board v3.0:
    1.2 grualia release, 2011/08/18 http://www.grualia.com
    Download in the link:
    - the sensor works as an altimeter
    - with two sensors, we can run one as a BASE and another as MOBILE, where it can be more accurately adjust their altitude with corrections that will send the BASE
    - fast menu
    - the code does not fit in the memory of the micro, which are a compilation constants we can indicate what output format we want and if we want a description or a quick menu
    We are very grateful that we use it and report any error. Thanks

  • The problem is solved. You can put up to 1 send each 255 seconds.
    Download in the link:

  • Ok, this tuesday we look the code for fix this problem. What sample rate do you guess? I think that maximum is a byte, 255 seconds, I dont’t know why don’t accept 32 seconds the code? We look it this the tuesday, ok?
    Thanks for report problems.

    • we modify the library BMP085 and we added a library of UNITS for create fastly units for temperature, pressure… This library of UNITS is our, but we allow the use.
    • we solve problems of SRAM in ARDUINO with large strings
  • Hi all.
    We present the new version of code:
    1.1 grualia beta, 2011/08/12 http://www.grualia.com
    Download in the link:
    In the next version 1.2 we will allow view correctly the altimeter.
    Remember update all libraries added in the compress file.
    - fix errors that math formulas, sensor infinites waiting, bad logarithmic operations, communication port blockings, memory access problems,
    - we change the CSV (it is NMEA really) and ANSI string. We have to do it because in the next version 1.2 release, we can to select if sensor is a BASE (to send corrections to other sensors) or MOVIL (that receive the correction). Now, we can have one MOVIL fitted correctly with one BASE. Of this way, we can have one real ALTITUDE corrected.
    - more units of temperature, pressure…

  • We solve all the problems of the arduino code. In few days, we upload a version of code in our page. I hope that sparkfun’s programmers haven’t any problem.
    1.0 initial release, 2011/06/27 http://www.sparkfun.com
    1.1 grualia beta, 2011/08/12 http://www.grualia.com
    1.2 grualia release, 2011/08/19 http://www.grualia.com
    We are development project about (Research + Development + Innovation) (RDI).
    We post here a link to download the new code.

  • I have bought the sensor USB Weather Board v3.0 .
    A series of problems has happened to me on having been connecting / disconnecting to the sensor. When I have disconnected several times, and I return to connect, only it comes to me for the serial port the word “RESET” and already it does not come at all more…
    I have been checking the code and have thought that it might be that exists any crash in the protocols I2C and have left a small delay after the line:
    TWCR |= _BV(TWEN);
    // Delay
    // start BMP085 temperature reading
    With this one line added, it seems that me the sensor goes better. But i’m not sure that with this it solves…
    You has this happened to someone already?

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