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  • I guess Arduino/Teensy & avrdude can be used to program other than AVR chips ? Like nRF24LE1 (ebay)? (2.4GHz transceiver with 8051 core & 16kB flash, price from $13.45 incl. shipping :)

    Anyone tried this ?

    (without 8051, but with SPI interface (connect to Arduino/Teensy/…): nRF24L01 ~$2.85 :) don’t tell much about programming other that you can use a special “Programming Kit” or a normal ISP-SPI flash programmer (PROG pin has to be activated).


    I found a programmer in Finland at Seinäjoki University: SURFnet This use a custom designed card with ATmega32U4, same as Teensy Tried to flash USB-SPI program to Teensy, it seems like the SURFprogrammer recognized it.

    All that’s missing now is a 3V3 PSU, and some wrap cable /connector to connect the nRF24LE1 (use 2mm space between pins) to Teensy.

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