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  • You probably shouldn’t. Since the 3 internal cells in the pack have been impedance matched with each other, you can apparently ignore the rule of not discharging and/or recharging them in parallel. I don’t work for Sparkfun, but my guess is that there would be no guarantee that any two battery packs would be impedance matched with each other.

  • Space Explorer to mother ship. We’ve encounter a race of giant hippies. Returning to ship!

  • Hopefully someone here can answer your questions, but these guys are into Lithium batteries big time. http://www.rcgroups.com/batteries-and-chargers-129/?s=48e0cb52c13ed268b71e566832801bd4&

  • Arduino Italy said they incorporated version 4.4 firmware starting October 2011 on these boards. Are these boards in Sparkfun inventory pretty new?

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