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  • Pretty cool. You could make a stepper motor turntable to hold your signal strength device, then step it around 360º, plotting/logging the signal strength as you go. The resulting plot is the radiation pattern of your antenna. You would want the pivot point to be right underneath the “driven element”, to prevent measurement errors due to varying distance between the source and yagi antenna.You can also experiment with the polarization of the receiving antenna, to determine the polarization of your signal source antenna on The Thing. You can pick up or lose a good many dB by being “on axis” or “off axis”.

  • The output voltage is rated at 12 Volts, but it also appears to be adjustable. What is the range of output?

  • You probably shouldn’t. Since the 3 internal cells in the pack have been impedance matched with each other, you can apparently ignore the rule of not discharging and/or recharging them in parallel. I don’t work for Sparkfun, but my guess is that there would be no guarantee that any two battery packs would be impedance matched with each other.

  • Space Explorer to mother ship. We’ve encounter a race of giant hippies. Returning to ship!

  • Hopefully someone here can answer your questions, but these guys are into Lithium batteries big time. http://www.rcgroups.com/batteries-and-chargers-129/?s=48e0cb52c13ed268b71e566832801bd4&

  • Arduino Italy said they incorporated version 4.4 firmware starting October 2011 on these boards. Are these boards in Sparkfun inventory pretty new?

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