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  • I have a problem with my kit. It was working perfectly until I connected a servo to the arduino I'm using with it.

    The servo started gittering and all of a sudden the screen started displaying a bunch of funny looking characters. (Chinesse looking, sorry for my ignorence in the matter)

    The the characters are updated from left to right, one line at a time at a rate of around 10/second witch is the rate Im updating the LCD I tried another arduino board and the same thing happens, but the characters this time are A,E and //, really puzzling to me.

    I downloaded the files (Serial-LCD-Ki-master) from Github, conected the FTDI and updated but I still get the same...

    Also tryed different baud rates... nothing

    Any ideas? Thank you!

  • Hi! After downloading and updating the firmware from "define DISPLAY_TYPE OPENSEGMENT into:define DISPLAY_TYPE S7S" I still have the same problem. I can’t get the display to properly show the data with decimals. I have a temperature string from a DHT11 with this format: 23.20 and all I can get to display is 23 Can anyone help? I’m sure it’s something simple in the code but... Thanks!

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