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  • No i haven’t tried. I do not know if NTFS is supported by this camera, i will have a look. But you are right, FAT32 specifies a maximum file size of (4GB) 232 bytes. The firmware does not automatize recording continuation after the first 4GB of recording, creating a new file. Most people do not need that, but i do !

  • This is not possible with this camera. USB port just allow to handle your camera as a USB stick in order to download recordings. Several other products are much more suitable for what you want to do.

  • AeroGuy,

    I have done such thing with a PIC micro-controller two years ago, it is very stable. The problem that still remains is that even if they say that 8 GB cards are supported, the video recording stops after 4GB. Could'nt figure it out why, i suspect the firmware to be buggy.

    However and like you, I experienced come trouble to make it properly work. I finally figured out that it is not enough to mimic PWM signal to get on/off/changeMode. You have also to generate the idle signal for a little time (half a second) before sending the trigger signal. If not the flycam will not obey.

    I just made this code compliant with Arduino (to drive several cameras embedded in a weather balloon). If you are interested in, just have a look at my Github repo. https://github.com/sebastienjean/arduino-yasolibs

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