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  • Be sure to check the GitHub code from the above link, as part of the code to change the station was omitted from the page.

    Here's the GitHub link from the above page.

  • ...John didn't realize the full breadth of the "Viking Helmet Challenge" until it was made clear where the second horn had to go...

  • ...the viking scientist takes time to count the plunderings from his last raid...

  • ...eff you, eff you, eff you, you're cool (boxes), I'm out....

  • Mike, thanks for the quick response!...and that's super great information to have about how the transmitter receiver pair operates. Unfortunately, knowing that now complicates my project a bit, but not a brick wall. Now, is that info also somewhere in the documents linked above for the receiver that I was completely blind to?...well, I suppose if not, it's here now. Thanks again!

  • I bought a couple of these, and both seem to have a constant stream of output coming from both. With no input to the transmitter (even with it not powered) I still get a steady stream of bit flips out of each one on the receivers. I've double checked the wiring to each (all Vcc and Gnd present) and still cannot find where the issue is. Has anyone else seen the same issue?...