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  • So... I wonder how long until someone figures out how to redirect the requests so you can use an Imp offline with your own "server"? I think I may purchase a few, I don't see it being that long until it happens.

  • Has anyone used this with the 2.5k resistor installed to get 500mA out of it? The MCP73831 gets REALLY hot, really fast. In reading the datasheet, it says it has thermal protection, and will throttle the charge current based on temperature of the chip so I'm not so concerned about it breaking, but does anyone know if it will maintain a 500mA charge rate, or if it falls behind once the chip gets super hot. Should there be a small heatsink on that chip for 500mA charging?

    Something I noticed, once it gets really hot, it cools back down and runs at a cooler temperature (Even on a

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