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  • I asked about wood because I have a scale of wood:

    and because wood should be more easy to cut/handle.

  • Nice to know they are back in stock.

    How can I fix the sensors to say, a wood sheet or metal sheet?

    Is anyone interested in building a wireless Open Source bathroom scale to be used with the Open Source Android software "Smart Weight Chart"? ---> please see here my actual prototype (using a commercial $20 bathroom scale):

  • I have now 2 units of RHT03 which I am running at 3.3V (GND at pin 3).
    I am using a fluke multimeter and another one from unknown brand, to verify the temperature readings by the RHT03. On both two RHT03 I have, I read more 2,4ÂșC from value reading on multimeters!! -- I am not happy with RHT03 sensor :-(

  • I contacted Sparkun and asked for a new sensor, since I almost destroyed the other to discover the problem of exchanged pins -- they just sent me a new one as I expected.
    Hmmm, the true is that I didn't yet verified the temperature and humidity against another calibrated sensor/monitor... I think I am getting high values of humidity and that they are incorrect -- I will verify and if so, then I will move to 5V as you say! thanks ;-)

  • I got my sensor just a few days ago. It was marked in enclosure as RHT03.
    It was not working until I decided to open it up and I found that the pin nr 4 is the unconnected and the nr 3 is the GND!! I was following this guide:
    The sensor works with 3.3V for me, as you can see on the pictures. One picture shows the connection of only pins 1(3.3V) , 2(Data) and 3(GND). Other picture shows the data line on oscilloscope and the bits "produced" by the sensor :-)
    It's bad the incomplete documentation of Chinese sensors/components :-( -- I am now an unhappy SparkFun costumer because I took a lot of time to get the sensor working and now I have an "incomplete" sensor because I had to cut off and remove the plastic enclosure.

  • I would like to know the measures of the board/LCD. Also I would like to know the schematic and if the LCD have back light.

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